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Lead Generation

At S.I.S. Connections we are a provider of advertising and marketing services designed to assist businesses with growth and expansion in their region. To successfully facilitate growth we create compelling campaigns, provide real results and back end support for our clients.

Our back end support utilizes superior customer service skills to delight all customers that contact the campaign phone lines. Customers are provided assistance and guidance until they are ready to be presented as a qualified lead.



Market creative campaigns through ad postings and social media.


Identify your target customer utilizing data forms and back end customer support.


Encourage the growth and development of customer. Provide FREE credit repair assistance.


Ensure customers meet criteria to complete purchase journey.

Videographers, website designers, and content writers on staff to customize your campaign.

Our staff utilize unique content to reach your target audience. We conduct A/B testing and adjust campaigns as we progress to ensure success.


Credit Repair 

We link with sister company Bliss & Associates Professional Services to assist customers with credit repair ensuring they are qualified.

Other Useful Tools

We link with other entities that can assist with rebuilding credit. Some of the resources are free; others have a small investment for a large return - improved credit.